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Rainy Weather Coming To Pakistan Video Weather Forecast

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Rains Coming To Pakistan Video Weather Forecast

After a long dry weather, rainy weather coming to Pakistan this weekend. Rains Likely in Punjab, KPK, Gb, Kashmir & Balochistan. Isolated rain is also likely in Sindh. The temperature will drop in most parts of Pakistan.

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Weather Tomorrow

Dry weather is likely in most parts of Pakistan. A rainy weather system will enter in western parts of Pakistan. Temperature will increase.

Severe Weather Warning

As Summer arrived and cold and warm front came to Pakistan. Severe weather warnings are in effect. Hail storms, Fast Winds, and Extreme lightning are common in this season. The most affect regions are Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Lahore & Peshawar.

BBC Weather Islamabad

Islamabad will see good rain with extreme lightening and hailstorm. Islamabad weather will change by Wednesday as clouds will start coming and by Thursday p[roper rain will occur.

Weather Forecast Rawalpindi

Rwp weather will be the same with Islamabad as both cities share same weather conditions.

BBC Weather Lahore

Lahore has faced dry and warm weather for the past few days, and a rainy spell is likely this weekend which will bring temperatures down. Rain and severe weather are likely this weekend.

BBC Weather Karachi

Karachi has pleasant weather as compared to the rest of the country, with no rain likely.

Quetta Weather

A rainy spell will affect Quetta earlier this weekend. Snowfall is likely in the mountains while rain in the valley.

Hyderabad Weather: Is rainy weather likely or not?

Pleasant weather is likely in Hyderabad.

Punjab Weather

Gujranwala weather: Rain likely in Gujranwala this weekend as weather system will continue to bring rain with gaps.

Fsd Weather: Faislabad weather will remain some rainy on this weekend as a rainy spell will bring thunder showers across the city.

Bahawalpur Weather: Hot and dry weather will continue. Isolated rain likely in the region on Saturday.

Rahim Yar Khan Weather: Ryk weather will share same weather as bwp.

Dera Ghazi khan Weather : DGK weather will remain cloudy and light rain will occur on Thursday.

Multan Weather: Isolated light rain with thunderstorms likely in different regions of Multan.

Potohar Weather : Potohar region including Chakwal Weather, Mianwali Weather, Gujar Khan Weather with see good rains in all the regions.

Sargodha Weather: Sargodha will see good rains and storm across different regions.

Sindh Weather

No Significant Rain likely in Sindh Unfortunately. Temperatures will rise and pleasant weather on the coast.

Balochistan Weather

Quetta will see rain across the city with snowfall over mountains however no significant weather likely in rest of the province.

KPK Weathera

All areas will witness good rains and northern areas weather will remain snowy. Positive impacts on crops and agriculture.

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