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Severe Weather Likely In USA

  • Extreme snowy weather over regions of the higher areas of
    • Wyoming
    • Nevada
    • Colorado
    • Utah
    • Arizona.
  • There is a few Risk of extreme rainfall over regions of the central Mississippi and Ohio Valleys on Monday
  • There is a few Risk of extreme thunderstorms over parts of the Middle Mississippi and Ohio Valleys on Sunday; there is an Enriched Risk of severe thunderstorms over parts of the Southern Plains, Middle Mississippi, and Ohio Valleys on Monday, weather info suggests.

Synoptic Situation

A rainy weather system from Mid-Atlantic to Central USA will be present in different areas causing rain. Moisture from Western Golf of Mexico will help the Rains to go intense and it will create extreme weather in most parts of USA including Mississippi and Ohio. Mississippi Weather and Ohio weather will remain as follow:

  • EF5 Tornadoes Likely
  • Large Hails
  • Frequently extreme lightening
  • Hailstorm greater than 2 Inch
  • Heavy rain accumulation upto 100mm

California Weather Info

On Sunday and Monday there are chances of excessive rainfall in California and Arizona. It will create flash flooding and hazardous weather conditions in most parts of California and Arizona. Arizona weather will witness extreme weather during these two days. Additionally weather Colorado, weather New Mexico from Monday to Tuesday will witness extreme weather and excessive rainfall.

Chicago Weather

Chicago weather will remain snovi and extreme cold during next few days. Weather 10 days will remain extreme in most parts of Illinois and Chicago.

Alaska Weather

Rain and snow are likely in most areas of Alaska during the next three days. Weather 10 Days will remain cloudy and snowy. It will stay snowy in Alaska. Pleasant weather with good snow is likely in most Southern parts of Alaska. It is likely that another rainfall and snowfall likely by next weekend which will cause more rain and snow in most parts of Alaska.

  • Alaska Weather: Alaska weather today is cloudy and rainy weather in the southern parts of it meanwhile excessive snowfall is happening and expected by the next few days in eastern parts and southern parts of Philadelphia northern areas of Alaska will see more snowfall by next mid-week.
  • Alaska Temrapture: Alaska’s current temperature is – 3 degrees Celsius it is likely that temperature will remain below zero for next week as there are  significant prolonged snowfalls likely which might cause temperature to drop.

Juneau Alaska weather: Juneau Alaska weather Will remain very cloudy and snowy for the next three to four days. It is likely that extreme snowfall likely in that region. However, there is no need to worry as this spell will move away by next mid-week, and pleasant weather likely as high pressure is likely to form.

Fairbanks Alaska weather: Fairbanks Alaska weather Will remain cloudy and extreme snowfall is likely in the next two days however weather will become clear by next week and it will remain clear for at least 10 days current temperature of Fairbanks will be minus 13 degrees centigrade and it will rise as weather system will move away.

Ketchikan Alaska weather: Ketchikan Alaska weather Will remain cloudy in the next two days there are slight chances of light rainfall in the next few days. The temperature will increase as pleasant weather is likely in Ketchikan during the next 10 days.

Sitka Alaska weather: Sitka Alaska weather is clear now with 7 degrees Celsius. However, there are chances of light rainfall during the next three days.

Texas Weather

  • Dallas weather will be extremely severe with Tornadoes and Hails likely
  • Houston Weather will remain flooding with extreme weather.
  • Oklahoma city weather will also remain extremely severe.

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